Cabin Crew Training IATA

Cabin Crew Training IATA

Did you know?

* A recent study estimates that there is on average 1 medical emergency per 604 flights.

* By following the procedures dictated by the airline, cabin crew cannot be held responsible.

* The captain is legally responsible for everything on board the aircraft while it is operating a flight. However as the captain cannot be in the cabin to ensure that everyone is secured for departure, this responsibility is deligated to the cabin crew.

* Being part of a team sometimes requires one to work outside their pre-determinated aeas of responsibility.


cabin crew training iata


Crew responsibilities
Customer services

Did you know?

* Cabin Crew take a proactive approach and deal with an abnormal situation before it becomes an emergency.

* Cabin crew use the phonetic alphabet when it is important to prevent miscommunication.

* Great customer service is shown by acknowledging passengers’ needs and helping them.

* The first inflight meals were offered in october 1919 when passengers flying from London to Paris were offered packed lunches. The first hot meals were offered on the same route 8 years later.

* In 1921 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was the first to install a galley on board the aircraft.

Cabin Crew Training IATA




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Cabin Crew Training IATA


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