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Become a flight attendant

Become a flight attendant

Do you want to become a flight attendant?

Every flight brings new passengers and situations. You have to be flexible, service-oriented and able to cope with stress for this job. After all, you’re responsible for the safety and well-being of the passengers on board. You prepare the cabin for the flight, provide the service on board and look after the passengers.


Assuring and applying the safety and security regulations on board.

Caring for international guests on board.

Preparing the aircraft cabin.

Organising the workflow in the galley.

Conducting the meal and beverage service.

Carrying out the on-board sales.


Excellent health and able to work under pressure

Charming, friendly, outgoing, service-orientated

Quality awareness in hospitality

Well-groomed appearance

Flexibility (e.g. irregular work schedule)

Flight Attendant career

As a Cabin Crew Member, you will travel the world and experience foreign cultures. Every single working day brings a new destination and new passengers. It’s a job that is more varied and diverse than almost any other!

Being cabin crew (flight attendant or cabin attendant) changes your whole life and takes you at least 6 months to get used to it! You really have to focus on customer service and it gives you all the ability to build really strong relationships with passengers.

The role of Cabin Crew is diverse and includes duties such as conducting safety briefings on board, assisting our special needs guests, administering first aid, preparing and delivering food and beverage services and providing exceptional customer service.

Flight Attendant uniform

When you’re out and about in uniform it always provokes a positive reaction.

There are guidelines for the company issued uniform, jewelry guidelines, additional optional clothing and accessories guidelines and personal hygiene and appearance guidelines.

Off duty? A flight attandant is not allowed to wear pieces of the uniform! And is a hat part of the uniform? You must wear the hat during specific parts of the trip: anytime you’re in public, when you’re going through the airport and during boarding and landing.

As a Cabin Crew Member, you are the face of the airline!

The IATA Cabin Crew Training

The Cabin Crew Training Course will take three weeks classroom training. You can apply for the certificated IATA Cabin Crew Training Course now!

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